After the results achieved in the Italian market, Stratifon is also making its debut in Dubai, focusing strongly on its flagship product, a reliable soundproof panel: Stratifon 40.

Stratifon 40 is, in terms of thickness and dimensions, the best soundproofing panel Made in Italy.

Stratifon 40 definitively solves the problem of excessive noise and high volumes that disturb the tranquility of your home, office, or public space.

It is made up of 6 layers of different materials that alternate in the sequence “spring, mass, spring,” giving the product an impressive soundproofing power of 40 dB with only 17 kg per square meter.

The layer of high-density glass wool inserted inside gives the product self-support up to five meters in height, ensuring stability guaranteed over time. These are the main features that make Stratifon 40 versatile whenever high insulation power is needed in just 7 cm of thickness.

This product is part of a complete range of highly performing panels in the field of sound isolation.

The Stratifon range consists of 3 different panels, each designed to respond to different needs and to combat different types and intensities of noise:




Recently Stratifon has been selected by the IICUAE – Italian Industry & Commerce Office in the UAE – to represent the quality of Made in Italy in Dubai. A market yet to be discovered.

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