The pose

Before starting the installation, it is good to remember that the nylon bag that wraps everything must not be removed!!

For correct installation, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: apply the 50mm double-sided adhesive for STRATIFON29, STRATIFON40 and FONOBAG on the entire perimeter of the wall.


  • Step 2: laying the “L” profile on the double-sided adhesive, checking that there is enough thickness on the wall for the insertion of the acoustic panels.


  • Step 3: laying the first set vertically across the full height of STRATIFON/FONOBAG panels starting from the left or right in full adhesion to the wall. Pay attention to the STRATIFON29 and STRATIFON40 panels as one side is marked with the letter A. The letter A must be visible to the installer.


  • Step 4: after the first series of panels, the special “T” profile is laid vertically with the 60-back facing the future plasterboard (gips) slabs. This profile, if laid correctly, will not have any point of contact with the wall below.


  • Step 5: subsequently, a second series of panels and a “T” profile are laid vertically, then a third series of panels and a “T” profile, until the entire wall is completed. If necessary, the panels can be cut with a cutter. The installation of the last series of panels is recommended initially without the special “T” profile (see next step).


  • Step 6: after laying the last series of panels, the last special “T” profile can be inserted, making two cuts in correspondence with the “L” profile previously installed on the floor (2nd step) so as to allow its positioning.


  • Step 7: laying of the first layer of plasterboard (gips) slabs checking that they are detached from the floor, ceiling and walls of at least 2mm. Then seal everything with the acrylic sealant.


  • Step 8: laying of the 2nd layer of plasterboard (gips) slabs, which could be: standard plasterboard (gips) slab, sheath-attached plate, high-density plasterboard (gips) slab. The laying of these slabs must be staggered joints with respect to the underlying ones and with the same application and sealing methods.


  • Step 9: stuccoing of the heads of the screws and joints. Next, it is recommended to shave the entire wall.


  • Step 10: paint phase, application of a coat of primer.


  • Step 11: application of 2 coats of anti-mold paint with Picoceramix.

N.B.: For stratifon 29, the side with the letter A must always be placed towards the installer!


You can download the pdf file of the installation by clicking on the following link: Application stratifon

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