Application: required material

The Stratifon and Fonobag panels can be applied not only to the wall, but also inside a false ceiling or an elevated floor.

The material you need is the following:

  • L-profile measuring 40×30 mm;
  • 50mm double-sided adhesive;
  • Stratifon 29/40 or Fonobag insulation panel;
  • Special “T” profile measuring 60x30mm;
  • Double slab in standard plasterboard (gips) or, for a better result, two other solutions can be used:
    • 1 standard plasterboard (gips) slab + 1 high density plasterboard (gips) slab;
    • 1 standard plasterboard (gips) slab + 1 membrane-coupled plasterboard (gips) slab.
  • Mesh for grouting;
  • Plasterboard (gips) screws;
  • Stucco;
  • Acrylic sealant;
  • Primer (optional);
  • Anti-mold paint additive with Picoceramix (optional).

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