What is it

In 1999 we created a line of sound-absorbing and sound-insulating panels designed to give peace of mind and comply with all current regulations.

STRATIFON and FONOBAG panels, with their multi-material composition, are the ideal solution to obtain the best acoustic insulation and, at the same time, save space and volume. Three types of panel, to answer above all to all the needs of acoustic insulation but partly (due to their composition) also thermal. For their realisation and for the developments that have taken place over the years to date, we have partnered with Acustudio, a firm specialised in environmental acoustics and construction. The panels are also born thanks to the knowledge Acustudio has of the acoustic principles, technologies and building systems and mechanical and construction applications.

The Stratifon and Fonobag panels are designed to be used both in buildings under construction and in existing buildings that need to improve the insulation characteristics of their premises.

To be sure of the effectiveness of our products we have had them tested by the best laboratories in the industry. Stratifon panels, in fact, enjoy the certifications of the Giordano and CSI institutes.

A feature that only our panels have is that all materials must be glued together before being bundled. This detail is higjly appreciated during installation as during assembly the internal components do not move and installation is much easier.

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